Frequently asked questions

  • If you have credit for MATH 1111 OR 1112, you should not go to MATH 1113.
    There are other MATH outlets to go to. This is often dependent on major. Make sure to
    communicate with your major’s advisor.

    If you have credit for MATH 1111, you should then take MATH 1112, if you need to get to
    Calculus I. If you try to sign up for MATH 1113, you will get an error message titled “MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.” That is because you are signing up for a course that has duplicate content.

    IF YOU TOOK A COURSE THAT IS EQUIVALENT TO MATH 1113 PRECALCULUS AT ANOTHER INSTITUTION- It will transfer to KSU as MATH 1112. Trigonometry works as the prerequisite to any courses that allow MATH 1113.
    IF YOU TOOK MATH 1111 AND 1113 AT ANOTHER INSTITUTION- Your credit with transfer as MATH 1111 and 1112, covering Precalculus and still giving you the same credit hours completed.

  • Students completing any core curriculum course at one USG institution or through eCore will receive full credit for that course upon transfer to another USG institution within the same major, even if a core area is not completed and even if it means giving transfer credit across areas (e.g., credit of a math course in Area C). [USG Policy Manual]