For Faculty

Dear Students - Unfortunately, there aren't any secrets on this page, but there is a glimpse into the bureacracy that faculty face when designing courses.  The layers of this bureacracy are created so that you, the students, have the best access to the highest quality of foundation instruction, and that we, the faculty, give you every opportunity to succeed. 

Dear Faculty - There are three key clusters of information on this page.  

Curriculum Committees and General Education

How do I know if a course is in the General Education curriculum? Click here for a current list of General Education courses! 

My course is in the General Education curriculum and I need to make edits to it / my course should be in the General Education curriculum, what do I do?  For both of these, you're going to start a new curriculog proposal at and make certain to check the box Yes at "Will this course be included in General Education?*"  The course approval process will now automatically include the General Education Council.

Do you think my course should be in the General Education curriculum?  Look over the USG's guidelines on core curriculum (2.4 in the Academic and Student Affairs Handbook), and make sure your course is rigorous enough for our high academic standards, make sure your course is accessible enough for all majors,  make sure that you have the resources to offer sufficient seats of the course, and make sure that you can assess the relevant learning outcomes.

If you're sure or if you're not sure you can speak to all those guidelines, reach out to your department or college's General Education Council Representative (list here) or email the Director of General Education (


GEAR is the acronym for the General Education Assessment Regime.  All data collected and analyzed has students' and their faculty members' identifying information redacted.  Each discipline administers the assessment protocol according to the best practices of that discipline - e.g. multiple choice or essay formats.  Redacted, aggregated data collected prior to 2017 is stored in one password-protected site, and redacted, aggregated data collected from 2017 forward is stored in a different password-protected site.  To view data or summaries of data, please email with your request and 

Gen Ed Syllabi

All syllabi in Genereal Education courses will include notification to the students about the assessment plan, and will provide a link to the IRB that gives detailed information about how students' privacy is protected.